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What Made Arsenal FC Team Lead the Football Game?

Arsenal FC

According to the history, Arsenal Football Club, which is based in London, is one of the most successful clubs on the entire English football. They already won 10 FA Cups and 13 Premier League and First Division titles.

This club was originally founded by Woolwich Armoury members during 1886 and it eventually became the very first club, which came from South England. During 1893, they join then the Football League. But because of the humiliation from the fans of Tottenham, Arsenal decided to move during 1913.

Right now, Arsenal Football club is been enjoying their victory since they are the leading team on the football game. Their latest game flawlessly shows a 4-0 display which ultimately capture the heart of their fans out there. Though, Aston Villa might have shown more exceptional opening exchanges but then, it was still a well job done.

The determination and focus of the Arsenal FC team are evident all throughout the game. It seems that they never lose their concentration or even drop it. They are all confident all the way. This is one major reason why they truly deserve on leading the whole football game. Their team consists of world class and outstanding players and any team against them could not abolish any threats or simply impose their presence.

The opening goal of the Arsenal FC team through Theo Walcott was not because of the fast acceleration but it all came from their strong desire to win. The following goal, which came from Alexis Sanchez almost tear the hole of the continuum. The third one is proudly delivered by Per Mertesacker. Then, after that, when they almost in the game, Oliver Giroud spiced up the victory they have been working so hard. The play was so exceptional, ruthless and one could be speechless on their high performance.

The past two FA Cups are suggesting that either the Gunners on the other side re getting much better or they are just preventing themselves to suffer which pursue them lately between 2005 to 2014. It might be the former on, who knows right? According to some, there are great improvements on the two departments and now Wenger gets all the benefits.

On the other hand, Alexis Sanchez,   forward from Chile displayed winning performances throughout the Arsenal football matches consistently. He was capable of making things possible even though it seems impossible. That statement can be proven Shay Given. However, Francis Coquelin serves as the main fruit of the whole season. For the past few years, this player acts as the defensive midfield in Arsenal but now he is now playing for other teams.

But right now the question is, would Arsenal can take it their performance level on the next level? Could they maintain the spirit of triumph right on their side? Could they establish something worth remembering for? Though it looks like that, it is too rude for us to figure out while they are still celebrating however, if you can still remember, it’s already nine years when Gunners achieved Champions League Final, 11 years when they finally won that title and ten years when they already finished right on the top of the two leagues.

Everyone must know that FA Cups is not a thing that they must guess.   Something is much more pleasurable to encourage for rather than settling themselves on a fourth place in final, despite of the fact that there are some disparity on the cash rewards. However, Arsenal do have competitive weapons everyone must be aware of and no such reason for them to not to take.

In an interview, Wenger stated that they already feel that they have created progress ever since the season begun. This is one thing they are sure wit. The way they play their game, the way they handle their game and through their cooperation and teamwork, they are really sure about their football.

Well, that is the most important thing though, not just on football but as well as on the things, we are doing on a daily basis. Fans out there must not be inspired on the mighty skills of the players, they must also look up on how they are collaborating on each other.   By doing so, they are creating a strategically bonded team. Arsenal football team would not be called a team if they never had a strong connection and workmanship.

Again, if you are going to ask what made Arsenal FC team lead that football game. Well, better watch and learn how they play their game. Do you want to know more Arsenal FC news?   You should make sure first, that you already have Arsenal Football tickets! Sit back and relax for the next coming twist right from your favorite Arsenal player.